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The first picture above shows the forward 20 mm mount after conversion from a twin fifty caliber mount and an earlier picture of me alongside the USS Harnett County (LST-821) just south of the Ben Luc bridge, March 1969.

The photo on the left below is of Gordon King, an engineman aboard the LST Harnett County (the ha ha county as he calls it).  He now owns a diesel sales and service center in San Diego.  I think that's a can of Carling Black Label in my hand below, which proves I'd drink almost anything.  Note I finally got a light meter.  We're both sitting on our ice box, a home-made styrofoam and silicon box that held a sizable enough amount of Vietnamese ice and American beer.

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That's George Sanchez and myself possibly on an excursion up the Vam Co Dong river.  The pictures below are of a Korean USO show on a pontoon alongside the USS Harnett County (LST-821) in Spring, 1969.  While others got Bob Hope and a bevy of beautiful American actresses, when you were up the river in a remote location, you got a Korean band.  However, I have to give it up for them, for the entertainment was worth it and they sacrificed coming to a remote servicemen location.  Thank you whoever you are.  We loved the diversion.

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These are shots of a 20 mm gun mount on our Alpha boat.  So many toggle switches, I don't remember what many of them did.  I know one or two handled the auto-loader, but don't remember the others.  Perhaps you remember if you were a Mk 48 gunner of some kind.  Email me if you do.

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