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Class 32R Graduation

These are my classmates at the Naval Inshore Operational Training Center at Mare Island, in the northeast side of San Francisco Bay.


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1. RM2 Michael Joseph Brown

2. BM2 George Sanchez (to A-111-3) (deceased 2002, prostate cancer)

3. BM2 Dale Allen Walker

4. BM2 Charles Edward Fuchs

5. BM2 Hulust David Landers

6. BM2 Arthur G. Stanley

7. BM1 Paul F. Kershner

8. GMG2 Jerry Lee Brooks (deceased 3/29/1998, stomach cancer)

9. RM3 Dennis Allen Carter (aka Duck)

10. EN3 Daryl Lynn Dvergsten

11. BM3 Leroy J. Bourgeois

12. FN Charles R. "Rick" Westerman (deceased 2005)

13. FN Dennis Ludwell Bacon (aka Little Pig)(to A-111-3) 

14. RM3 Larry Max Bahm (aka Big Pig)

15. GMG2 Frederick Ray Layne

16. PO2 Estabadon Cabador

17. GMG3 Donald J. Blankenship (to A-111-3)

18. FN John Paul Jones Roberts (aka Hollywood)

19. GMG3 Walter B. Wickizer (to A-111-3)

20. EN3 Kenneth Lee Hogan

21. EN3 Thomas Jerry McIntosh (to A-111-3)

22. SN John Benjamin King (to A-111-3)

23. RMSN Terrance Alexander

24. Ernest Steven Yawn (aka Piglet)

25. ENFN William James Paul

26. EN3 H. A. Grabbe

27. EN3 Henry Larry Weema

28. RM3 Allen James Butler

29. FN Glenn Colin Johnson

30. FN Rodney Steed

31. GMG3 Larry Michael Anderson

32. GMG3 Charles "Chuck" Longfellow

33. SN Walter Allen Nichols (aka Stretch)

34. EN2 Woodrow C. McDonald

35. SN Mark E. Hoskins

36. SN George E Heffelmire

37. ENFN Rowland T. Fletcher

Many thanks to Larry Bahm for providing this photo and to Larry, George Sanchez (before his passing), Dennis Bacon, Paul Kershner, Rowland Fletcher, and Dennis Carter for their help in identifying those above.

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