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Training 1
Training 2



On Mare Island at Vallejo, California


Photos courtesy of LT Al Breininger

Assault Support Patrol Boat (Alpha 2)


Armored Troop Carrier (Tango 2)


Command and Communications Boat (CCB-17)


Monitor Howitzer (Mike 1)


Monitor Flame (Zippo 1)


Command and Communications Boat (CCB-18)
 Restored and decorated with a Christmas wreath on Pearl Harbor Day 2006, this is the only remaining Mobile Riverine Force boat of the Vietnam era in existence at the Vietnam Unit Memorial on the Naval Amphibious Base at Coronado, California.  The CCB sits alongside a Swift Boat and a PBR at a memorial honoring all Navy and Coast Casualties of the Vietnam War.  See more about the CCB and it's restoration at MRFA site.

Thanks to Bob Shirley for forwarding this picture from Capt. Ken McGhee, Memorial Coordinator

Boat Information

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