The Sinking of the Whitfield County (LST-1169)

This LST which supported the Mobile Riverine Force in Vietnam was sunk to make a coral reef in July 2004 somewhere off the coast of Greece.  Photos by Rick Bennett.  Click on any photo to enlarge:

dsc_0027.jpg (317655 bytes)

A rocket fired for a little target practice

dsc_0068.jpg (236286 bytes)

A hit but not much damage

DSCT L SE AG L116.jpg (39195 bytes)

So fire a torpedo

DSCT L SE A G L116.jpg (39946 bytes)

Then a second amidships

DSC_0079b.jpg (185217 bytes)

That did the trick

dsc_0099.jpg (265585 bytes)

And a grand old lady

dsc_0106.jpg (364337 bytes)

sinks to her watery grave

dsc_0145.jpg (340116 bytes)

But her many crewmembers will remember her.