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Dong Tam photos (Continued)

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An Assault Support Patrol Boat (Alpha) cruises into Dong Tam harbor in 1967.  The new harbor was created by dumping the bottom soil into the adjacent rice paddies and making the Army/Navy base.  (Photo courtesy of Doug Lindsey, YRBM-17)

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This is the chow hall on the Navy side of the base at Dong Tam.    Below, Huey's head out to drop off troops for an evening excursion in 1967.   Note the dredge in the water, came under frequent attack.  (Photos courtesy of Doug Lindsey, YRBM-17)

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Storm clouds over Dong Tam, courtesy Albert Moore and the MRFA.

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B&W photos above courtesy of Albert Moore and the MRFA are early photos (1967) of Dong Tam under construction. 

The B&W below was taken by Doug Lindsey (YRBM 17) in 1967 during early construction of the Navy portion of the base at Dong Tam.

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Photos above courtesy Doug Lindsey (YRBM 17) of a dredge and the Sang Woo exchange on the Army side of the base at Dong Tam.

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Who can forget the aroma of burning feces???  I only remember getting stuck with this duty once while in Dong Tam.  Those half-55-gallon drums sat under several holes in the out-houses used by all of us.  Not a pleasant memory and you certainly didn't linger in those stalls for long.
Photo courtesy of Bill Janes, 191st Helicopter Company at Dong Tam


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