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MRF Summary Report - March 1967

ComRivFlotOne / ComRivSuppron - Seven
Command History
March 1967

1. Operations Planning. A series of connected operations conducted in the Rung Sat Special Zone were planned for March in joint planning between 2nd Brigade battalion commanders and RIVRON commanders. Plans for these operations were based on discussions held with Senior Advisor RSSZ and VVN Commander RSSZ in which AO's were assigned. SA RSSZ was kept informed of detailed plans through the NAVFORV Liaison Officer assigned to the operating battalion.

The planning of operations by the battalion commander and the RivRon commander has been effective and well coordinated. Cooperation between the assigned Army units and RivRon personnel has been excellent.

2. The following messages are the weekly operational summaries which cover the month of March 1967 and provide detailed and complete information on all ComRivFlot One (CTF-117) operations.

CTF-117 msg 060829Z Mar 1967
CTF-117 msg 120110Z Mar 1967
CTF-117 msg 192350Z Mar 1967
CTF-117 msg 271300Z Mar 1967
CTF-117 msg 031530Z Mar 1967

Copies of the foregoing messages will be provided to COMPHIBPAC via mail.

3. The following supplemental information is provided to complete the history for the month of March.

8 March - ATC's 91-1, 91-2 and 91-3 arrived at Vung Tau aboard the SS Talkeetna and was outfitted by USS Askari (ARL-30). These boats completed all tests, including gunnery, and were placed in an operational status on 15 March.

12 March - Chief Staff Officer, ComRivFlotOne and ComRivRon-Nine attended a briefing for General Westmoreland at the 3rd/47th Fire Support Base in the Area of Operations (AO) in the Rung Sat Special Zone.

18 March - ATC's 91-1 and 91-2 participated in their first combat operation.

19 March - CTF-117 and staff briefed 4th/47th Infantry on Naval aspects of riverine warfare with particular emphasis on Rung Sat Special Zone. Joint Riverine Training Lectures were given for the 4th/47th on joint combat operations.

23 March - CTF-117 Staff and units of ComRivRon Nine moved from USS Henrico to the USS Montrose. Com RivRon-Eleven, Staff, and river Assault Division 111 with River Assault Division 91 ASPB crews arrived in-country and boarded the USS Montrose.

23-26 March - Four-day, in-country indoctrination/administrative period for all newly arrived personnel mentioned in the above paragraph. Arrangements completed for ASPB personnel to train with in-country PCF units as ASPB's will be late arriving in-country and due to similarity of power plants and other equipment in the PCF's and ASPB's.

25 March - A detachment of 4 Officers, 6 enlisted personnel from the ComRivFlot One staff was ordered to co-locate with elements of the 2nd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division at Dong Tam for the purpose of preparing the draft of the Joint CTF-117/2nd Brigade Operation Order for conduct of Riverine Warfare Combat Operations in the Delta.

30 March - ATC's 92-3, 92-4, 92-5, and 92-9, arrived at Vung Tau in SS Mayfield Victory. Off loaded and commenced outfitting along side the USS Askari.

31 March - ATC's 92-10, 92-11, 92-13, 112-3 arrived at Vung Tau in SS Lyndonwood Victory, off loaded and commenced outfitting along side USS Askari.

At approximately 1900, Commander River Division 111, LT Edward L. Therrien, fell overboard from the CCB during operations in the RSSZ. He was wearing complete combat clothing including tropical boots, flak jacket, helmet and sidearm. LT Therrien was in the water for about 10 minutes due to lack of maneuverability of the CCB and conditions of darkness. Two Army personnel jumped in and helped rescue LT Therrien who was unconscious when brought aboard the CCB. MEDEVAC was requested and the helicopter was overhead as LT Therrien was brought aboard the CCB. The tide was out and there was a wide stretch of very shallow water and mud which prevented beaching the CCB to take LT Therrien to a suitable landing zone for the helicopter; therefore the helicopter was unable to complete its mission. The patient was evacuated by the CCB to the USS Garrett County miles away. Patient was given resuscitation aboard the CCB. Satisfactory recovery took several days because of pneumonia. This experience emphasizes the need for winch lift capability for MEDEVAC helicopters responding to requirements of the Riverine Assault Force…

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