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9th Infantry Division Units in Vietnam


HQ & HQ Company, 9th Infantry Division
HQ & HQ Company, 1st Brigade
HQ & HQ Company, 2nd Brigade
HQ & HQ Company, 3rd Brigade
HQ & HQ Battery, 9th Infantry Division Artillery
HQ & HQ Company and Band, DISCOM
HQ & HQ Company, 214th Combat Aviation Battalion

Division Infantry

6th Battalion, 31st Infantry

39th Infantry Regiment

2nd of the 39th Infantry
3rd of the 39th Infantry
4th of the 39th Infantry

47th Infantry Regiment

2nd of the 47th Infantry
3rd of the 47th Infantry
4th of the 47th Infantry

60th Infantry Regiment

2nd of the 60th Infantry
3rd of the 60th Infantry
    Charlie Company
5th of the 60th Infantry
  (1st Bn, 16th Inf redesignated 5th Bn, 60th Inf. 10-21-68 )
    Charlie Company
43rd Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)
45th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)
65th Infantry Platoon (Combat Tracker) 

Division Reconnaissance

3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry
Company E, 50th Infantry (Airborn LRP)
Company E, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 

Division Artillery

2nd Battalion, 4th Artillery (105mm)
1st Battalion, 11th Artillery (105mm)
3rd Battalion, 34th Artillery (105mm) (Riverine)
1st Battalion, 84th Artillery (155mm)
Battery C, 5th Battalion (AW)(SP), 2nd Artillery (40mm "Dusters")
6th Battalion, 77th Artillery
Battery H (Searchlight), 29th Artillery

Division Aviation

9th Aviation Battalion
191st Assault Helicopter Company
240th Assault Helicopter Company
162nd Assault Helicopter Company
D Troop 3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry
A Troop 3rd of the 17th Cavalry
B Troop 3rd of the 17th Cavalry
A Troop 7th of the 1st Cavalry
C Troop 7th of the 1st Cavalry
361st Aviation Support Detachment 

Division Support

15th Engineer Battalion
86th Engineer Battalion
93rd Engineers
69th Engineers
46th Engineer Detachment (Rach Kien)
9th Signal Battalion
9th Medical Battalion
9th Chemical Company
9th Military Police Company
709th Maintenance Battalion
9th Administration Company
9th Supply and Transport Battalion
99th Support Battalion
9th Military Intelligence Detachment
493rd Military Intelligence Detachment
584th Military Intelligence Detachment
1097th Transportation Company (Medium Boat)
Armor Platoon, Air Cushion Vehicle
39th Chemical Detachment
335th Radio Research Company
19th Military History Detachment
18th Public Information Detachment
19th Public Information Detachment
10th Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Battalion
22nd Public Information Detachment
OL5, 5th Weather Squadron, U.S. Air Force
14th Military Intelligence Detachment (ARVN)
Vietnamese Interpreters (ARVN)
Tiger Scouts
361st Aviation Detachment, 165th Aviation Combat Group
9th Infantry Division Detachment, U.S. Army Special Security Group
9th Infantry Division Tactical Air Control Party, 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron, U.S. Air Force

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