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The poster is Copyrighted 1999 by Tom Nielsen and the Mobile Riverine Force Association

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The Mobile Riverine Force was comprised of elements of the 9th Infantry Army and Navy Task Force 117. Operating in the Mekong Delta from 1967-70, it is credited for essentially denying the VC use of the region. A unique, joint Army - Navy force, its heritage dates back to river operations during the Civil War. This poster was created to honor the service and sacrifice by all who served with and supported the Mobile Riverine Force. It is a summary of images meant to represent an overall picture of the MRF.  The lack of a specific unit, item or scene is in no way meant to exclude a particular element of the MRF. Rather, space and available photography limited the number of images that could be shown. The Mobile Riverine Force Association recognizes all MRF units, boats and personnel as essential to the success of the Mobile Riverine Force.

Numbers correspond to the images on the Image Map above
1. 9th Infantry Patch
2. Mobile Riverine Patch
9th Infantry soldiers and other MRF personnel endured some of the worst conditions in Vietnam.
3. Deep water, always muddy, sometimes swift
4. Deep mud
5. Rice paddies and monsoon rains
6. Razor sharp elephant grass
7. Dense jungle with its heat, fire ants, snakes and VC
8. Combat Infantry Badge
9. Returning to ATC's after an operation
10. K-9 search team stepping off the ramp of an ATC
11. Boat crew on station observing dust-off by UH-1 "Huey" helicopter
12. Vietnam Service Medal
13. PACV - Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle, operated by both Army and Navy
14. Airmobile artillery platform
15. YRBM - Repair and Maintenance Barge
16. APB - Self Propelled Barracks Ship with pontoon barge and boat rafts
17. APL - Non-self Propelled Barracks Ship
18. ARL - Landing Craft Repair Ship
19. LST - Landing Ship, Tank with rafts of boats
20. Monitor leading column of ATC's
21. UH-1 "Huey" helicopter about to land on an ATC - Armored Troop Carrier
Though not designated as "Mobile Riverine, " (Task Forces 115 and 116) were integral partners with the Mobile Riverine Force (Task Force 117). Combined, they comprised what was commonly referred to as the "Brown Water Navy"
22. PCF - Patrol Boat, Fast or "Swift Boat" (Task Force 115) PCF 4 was the first Swift boat sunk in Vietnam in February 1966
23. PBR - Patrol Boat, River (Task Force 116)
24. CCB - Command Communications Boat
25. Purple Heart
26. Combat Action Ribbon
27. MP - Military Police. along with guarding base camp facilities they often participated in field operations
28. ASPB - Assault Support Patrol Boat, on station checking civilian river craft for arms and other contraband
29. ZIPPO, Flame Throwing Monitor
30. Army LCM-8's. Provided transportation, resupply, and support to field artillery units
31. Artillery and accompanying Support Barge
32. A field memorial consisting of a helmet, rifle, and boots has been joined with an anchor as a symbolic tribute to both Army and Navy personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving with the Mobile Riverine Force. They are placed over a map of the Mekong Delta, the principle area of operations of the MRF.

Images shown are interpretations of Official Navy Photographs and photographs taken by the artist. Special recognition is given to Navy photographer Daniel Dodd whose work inspired many of the poster's scenes.

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